Accent Walls: How This Easy Design Tip Can Pay Off Big


accent wall
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Believe it or not), decorating a home can be VERY stressful. This is because decorating involves an insane amount of attention to detail and often an insane amount of money! But that’s not the worst part. The real kicker is that after devoting several months to over-analyzing fabric options, panicking over paint colors and busting your budget, your home may still not turn out as beautiful as you had envisioned it.


The good news is that this very simple interior design tip can step in and save the day. Painting an accent wall in a room is an inexpensive way to transform a space from blah to “holy cow!” Contrary to popular belief, accent walls do not have to be confined to the fireplace wall or the wall behind the bed. Any wall that makes sense can become an accent wall.


Some accent walls aren’t painted – as you can read more about here – but using paint to create one can be a good way to dip your toe in some very deep decorating waters. You may not be able to take the plunge with wallpaper, but paint is a commitment that feels tolerable.


Here is a roundup of some of my favorite painted accent walls. Maybe this will be just enough inspiration to get you started on an accent wall in your own home.


accent wall
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An accent wall right off the kitchen serves two purposes – to inject some color into the space and to break up all of that white in the kitchen.


accent wall
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Using an accent wall color and then repeating the color with curtains is a great way to make a little girl’s dream space feel feminine, but not overwhelming.


accent wall


Black can be an off-putting color for most people, but when placed on only one wall – like this – it can add a small dose of drama and elegance to a room.


accent wall
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If you want to add a powerful color like orange to a room, an accent wall is the perfect way to do it. In an otherwise neutral bedroom, the orange wall and rug bring a cheery pop of color to this space!


accent walls
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This is an excellent example of making an accent wall out of a wall that you normally wouldn’t consider the accent wall. However, the fact that the wall is probably directly across from the entrance of the room makes it an ideal wall to use.


Good interior design demands risk and if you’re not willing to take any, your spaces will reflect that. Painted accent walls is truly an easy way to begin taking small risks with design.

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