Animal Decor: Taking a Walk on the Wild Side


Animal Decor
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Are you ready to bring out the animal in your home? Whether it is merely used as an accent or as a full-blown theme, animal print has the power to add dimension, variety and spice to a space. Since animal prints tend to coordinate with almost any décor or color scheme, it is the perfect way to add pattern to a space that doesn’t have any.


But what if you already have a lot of pattern going on, you ask? Well one of the best things about animal décor is that it usually doesn’t compete with other patterns in the room. So if you love pattern like I do but are afraid of making a mistake, animal print will never steer you wrong.


Throw Pillows

Animal Decor
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I know what you’re thinking, “Um Karina, you still haven’t convinced me that my house won’t end up looking like the Bronx Zoo if I try this look.” If you are leery about using animal print, one simple way to introduce this décor trend is by adding some lumbar or throw pillows. Although pillows are relatively inexpensive, this little accessory can instantly help to transform a space.


If you are ready to experiment with animal decor, leopard spots are probably the least overt of all of the animal patterns out there. Meanwhile, zebra stripes are naturally a bolder choice. Still that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it. Opting for a zebra stripe in a muted color scheme can give you the effect of stripes without the high impact that comes with the black and white variety.



Animal Decor
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So you’ve tried the pillows and you liked it! Great, you are ready to move on to bigger and better things. A rug in an animal print takes this trend to another level in your home. This is where you are screaming out to the whole wide world, “I love animal print and I’m not afraid to show it!”


animal decor
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But now we are entering dangerous territory. Using moderation will keep your house from looking like it’s a jungle out there. One of the most popular rugs on the market today is the Antelope Hand Tufted Rug by Ballard Designs. Even though it is an animal print, it has a softness to it that makes it insanely appealing. I have seen this rug in so many interior design projects and I still love it as much as the first time I saw it.


Another one of my absolute favorite animal print rugs is the Coda Zebra Tan Rug by Pier 1 Imports. It is stunning in person. But what I love most about it is that it is true to life. Before they became extinct, there was a zebra species that had brown stripes. But that doesn’t mean that you are limited to animal print that is brown and black. If a blue zebra-striped rug is your heart’s delight, there isn’t a thing stopping you from getting it!



Animal Decor
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Once you start purchasing animal print furniture, you have become a bonafide animal décor fan. Furniture is a long term commitment so exercise caution when doing so. Since accent chairs, ottomans, and benches can be easily moved from one room to another, they make excellent furniture options for injecting animal print into a space.


Unless you can’t get enough of animal print, I would not recommend putting this pattern on a sofa. A sofa is a major component in your living room so it needs to have staying power. If you suddenly wake up and decide that you’ve had enough of cheetahs and snow leopards, it will be a huge investment to have to purchase a new sofa.


Animal print can really jazz up a space. And the fact that there are so many different kinds of animals to choose from allows you to make your home unique and distinct. However, be sure to know how much animal print you can handle in your life before you commit to larger pieces.

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