Black Box: Ready to Go to the Dark Side?




The interior design industry is just as fickle as the fashion industry. One minute skinny jeans are in, the next minute boot cut is the way to go. For years the color white has reigned supreme in interior design, but this year black has taken over as one of the most popular trends of 2017.


Unlike in fashion where the little black dress is a staple, using black in the home is considered very risqué. When it comes to attire, black conveys conservatism and seriousness; when it comes to design, black alludes to a rebellious nature.


Without a doubt, this dark, moody and powerful color creates instant drama in a space. Though far from a classic look, black can make a room look refined, sophisticated and intriguing.


If it is hard for you to fathom putting the color black in your home, feast your eyes on some of these interiors. It may just make you want to take a walk on the dark side.



Even though all the walls in this living room are black, the abundance of light and reflective mirrors keeps this space from feeling cavernous. Instead the room feels cozy, intimate and elegant.




Not only are the walls in this dining room black, they are lacquered. This bold look is paired up with soft textures, metallics and glass, which stand up nicely to such a richly dark background story.




From the black beams to the black sofa, the color black in this study runs the gamut from matte to shiny.





This foyer is a absolutely stunning with its play on white and black. The full wall of mirrors keeps natural light bouncing around the space.


Clearly black is a strong color, but If you are brave enough to go for it I commend you. Your home will surely stand out in a good way!

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