4 Ways to Usher the Spring Season Into Your Home

  Spring is around the corner, which means that flowers will be blooming, temperatures will continue to rise and we can finally shed our winter clothes. As we begin to change our wardrobe to usher in the spring, we also … Continued

Are You Living at Home or In a Museum?

  We can all recall that one room in the house that we weren’t allowed to go into as children – you know the one that resembled a period room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That forbidden room was … Continued

3 Tips for Working with an Interior Designer

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  For many of us, the month of January is dedicated to starting anew – getting organized, getting a new business venture off the ground, working out more and updating our homes. When it comes to updating your home, you will … Continued

When It Comes to Interior Design, Change is Good

  When it comes to the world of interior design, change can be a good thing. I’m not talking about keeping up with the latest trends either. I’m more concerned about the assessment of our own homes and how they function. … Continued

Event Planning: Help, I’m Hosting a Holiday Party!

If you are gearing up to host a holiday party, you’re not alone. Thousands and thousands of people (and companies) are hosting parties across the country to celebrate the holiday season. But event planning can quickly go from fun in … Continued

Holiday Decorating: Making the Mantel Shine

I love the holidays! Something about decorating for the holidays makes our homes feel more alive, vibrant and cozy. It stirs childhood memories and creates new memories for our children. Whether you observe lots of traditions during this time or … Continued

Sectional Sofas: A Forgotten Option

If you prefer a living area that feels comfortable, lived in, casual and inviting, a sectional can be the perfect solution for your home. Most people have a love/hate relationship with sectionals – they either love them or they hate … Continued

Slipper Chairs: Why I Love Them

Slipper chairs, which are armless and low to the ground, have been a lifesaver for me when designing compact spaces. Traditionally, slipper chairs tend to be found in bedroom settings, but these chairs have made their way into living rooms … Continued

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